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Good Old Games? Bad for Good New Games.

Posted on June 28, 2014 at 10:45 PM is a great platform for game purchases. They have an expansive selection of games that are almost impossible to find elsewhere, great sales, and a good community. However, they also sell newer games DRM-free. With the more fluid and changing state that modern games have taken, this can pose an issue. I have multiple examples of this in my GOG library. The first is Alan Wake. When I first purchased the game, it during a large sale, so I got the game and American Nightmare for a steal. I installed the two games right away, along with the latest patch available at the time, patch 1.05. Since that time, however, patch 1.06 has been released. On Steam, as we all know, this patch would automatically be installed without any hassle. However, the patch available through GOG isn't quite as hassle-free. In fact, because I installed patch 1.05, the installer for patch 1.06 says it's not compatible with the version of the game I have installed. Thus, because I installed patch 1.03, I have to uninstall the game entirely and re-install it in order to install patch 1.06, and if any further patches are released, I would likely have to do the same. My second example, an even greater mistake, is Postal 2 Complete. At the time I bought the game, it wasn't yet available on Steam, so I would have still considered it a good buy. That is of course, if RWS hadn't released the game on Steam soon after and starte updating that version regularly. Because of this, I've purchased Postal 2 twice. Luckily, I managed to get it on sale the second time, only spending a little more than a dollar. GOG is great if you're purchasing games that are done. No more patches, no more work, entirely and unquestionably done. However, if you suspect, even a little, that the developers might have something to do with it later, you're better off buying it somewhere else and saving yourself the frustration and possibly the money.

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