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Mesa - Fallback Update Pack

Posted on January 14, 2013 at 11:55 AM

For a while I've had a mod installed titled Mesa - Fallback. It's a mod that takes you back to Black Mesa during the Resonance Cascade in the world of the source engine. You play as a member of the HECU forces, and in this, get to experience the transition from fighting against Black Mesa personnel to fighting alongside them. The mod, however, is severely lacking in some areas, such as model quality and in some cases, map quality. Many maps have leaks or are poorly optimized, and many models are either low-quality re-skins of existing models, or ports of the Dreamcast models. It's for this reason that I am putting together an update pack for the mod. This pack will introduce new models and textures, and aims to eventually repair all the maps. For the time being, only a few maps will be changed. I will make a page for this project soon.

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