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SteamPipe and Half-Life: Source

Posted on September 19, 2013 at 2:45 PM

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 26, 2013: As of yesterday, Half-Life: Source's beta is fully functioning. Read more here: SteamPipe and Half-Life: Source Part 2

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 20, 2013: As of today, another beta update to Half-Life: Source was released. No fixes have been implemented yet, but an HD pack was added. As of yet it is not fully functioning. VTFs seem to be the only files loaded from the pack. No VMTs or models are loaded. The pack seems to be an official packaging of the unofficial High Definition: Source pack, including the unofficial texture recreations.

Recently, a beta for Half-Life: Source has become available. It converts the game to SteamPipe and also seems to move the game to the newest version of the Source engine. While this seems great, and eventually it will be, for the time being, it isn't. As of this writing, the beta does not include functioning multi_manager entities. The multi_manager is the precursor to modern multi-output entities and to the logic_relay entity. As Half-Life: Source is a direct port of Half-Life, all inputs and outputs are run through multi_manager entities. The fact that these aren't working means the game is currently unplayable. On a less important note, spheremaps aren't working anymore, either, leaving some reflective objects, such as the crowbar, looking fairly ugly.

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