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SteamPipe and Half-Life: Source Part 2

Posted on September 26, 2013 at 1:45 AM

As of September 25, 2013, Half-Life: Source's Steampipe beta is fully functioning. An update was released which restored functionality to broken entities, thus allowing the game to be played with few minor flaws. Among these is the fact that spheremaps still do not properly work for models. They do appear to function properly on the world, however. Should this, for some reason, never be fixed, the spheremaps can be converted into cubemaps fairly easily. An option box to load content stored in the hl1_hd folder has also been added. It is listed under the video tab. All world textures from the High-Definition: Source pack have been removed, but updated model textures included with the pack are still present, including Stone's signature. It should be noted that in gameinfo.txt, the game_hd entry is listed under the custom folder but before anything else, meaning that any stray files placed into the hl1_hd folder will be loaded before anything else, making it very easy to place the HD models and textures of your choice into the game.

I also assume that with the engine update, features such as HDR, dynamic shadows and lightwarps and phongwarps will now be available in the game. For the time being, these are only assumptions, however. I cannot test dynamic shadows, as my graphics card isn't supported by the engine, but I will eventually test the other possible features.

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